Fees charged to UMUC students in Asia fall into several categories, as outlined in this section.

All fees are payable in full, in U.S. Dollars, at the times specified. No cash may be accepted. Checks, e-checks, money orders, or postal notes must be made payable to UMUC Asia and must be drawn on a U.S. bank or post office. Payment for tuition, books, transcripts, and other fees may also be made by credit card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa).

Payments should be made by going to the MyUMUC Student Portal and clicking MyFinances -> Make a Payment.

Application Fee: $50

UMUC Asia charges a non-refundable fee for establishing the student's permanent record, the official University document from which transcripts are issued. Payment should be made through the MyUMUC Portal the first time the eApplication with University of Maryland University College Asia is completed.

GoArmyEd students who complete a Common Application in the GoArmyEd Portal must pay the $50 application fee upon receipt of a bill or by submitting payment in the MyUMUC portal.

This fee is not required of consortium students unless they declare their intent to pursue a certificate or degree through UMUC Asia.


All tuition and applicable fees must be paid in full at registration unless the student

  • Applied for financial aid to cover tuition and fees for the session
  • Is enrolled in UMUC's interest-free monthly payment plan (details are provided here).
  • Submitted proof of employer-provided options.

Payments can be made via

  • Credit card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa)
  • Money order
  • Check (made payable to University of Maryland University College)
  • Electronic debit from a checking or savings account

Students who qualify for tuition assistance, financial aid, or veterans benefits should consult the appropriate sections of this catalog. Students interested in the monthly payment plan, administered by Educational Computer Systems, Inc. (ECSI), should contact the company at 866-927-1438 or visit www.ecsi.net. More information on payment is available online.

Regular Tuition and Fees

Academic Year 2014-2015
Application Fee $50.00
Tuition per credit hour $226.00
Tuition per 3 cr. course $678.00

Academic Year 2015-2016, Effective Fall Session 2015
Application Fee $50.00
Tuition per credit hour $221.00
Tuition per 3 cr. course $663.00

Other Fees

Examination to Establish Credit

The current tuition rate per credit is charged for each credit that the student seeks to establish through UMUC’s course-challenge examinations and UMUC Asia’s foreign language examinations. This fee should accompany the application for examination.

Certificate or Diploma Fee: $50

A non-refundable fee of $50.00 is payable when a student applies for a certificate or degree and must be paid for any subsequent application.

Cap and Gown

Each graduate who plans to attend Commencement is responsible for the purchase of a cap and gown. Information on how to obtain a cap and gown will be available on the UMUC Asia Commencement Page a few months before the annual springtime ceremonies.

Returned Check Charge: $30

A charge of $30.00 is made for checks which have been returned by a bank for insufficient funds, in addition to the amount of the dishonored check.

Transcript fee:

Please see information on ordering transcripts.

Indebtedness to the University

Students who incur debts to UMUC must clear them to be permitted to register. Requests for services (including transcripts and diplomas) are denied until all debts have been paid. Outstanding debts are collected against refunds due the student. After a reasonable period of time, uncollected debts are forwarded to the Central Collection Unit of the State Attorney General's Office.

If a student fails to pay charges incurred with UMUC, UMUC has the authority to deem that account delinquent and transfer it to the State of Maryland Central Collection Unit. UMUC has also received authorization from the Board of Regents to charge students' delinquent accounts a 17% collection fee and/or all attorney or court costs incurred by the University. Once a past-due balance with UMUC has been transferred to the state Central Collection Unit, the student's information is reported to a credit bureau. More information may be accessed from the Student Accounts Web page.