Academic Advising

Planning a college curriculum is a challenging process. University of Maryland University College employs a number of professional Academic Advisors to provide assistance for students. Academic Advisors maintain offices in Guam, Japan, Korea, and Okinawa. They travel frequently to visit most education centers to meet with students. This assistance can include a review of potential transfer credit, help with clarification of education goals, aid in selecting appropriate courses, and the preparation of tentative evaluations of students’ progress toward UMUC certificates, associate’s degrees, and bachelor’s degrees.

Students should meet with an Academic Advisor as early in their college careers as possible to ensure that the courses they select meet the requirements for a degree or certificate with UMUC.

If students cannot speak with an Advisor in person, they can contact one by telephone or e-mail. Academic Advisors' contact information can be found below.

Military Students

UMUC's agreement with the military services requires military students to submit all necessary documents and obtain a degree plan with UMUC by the deadline as stipulated by the service. Academic Advisors can assist with further information. Students who are enrolled in the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) or who have SOCAD, SOCMAR, SOCNAV, or SOCCOAST agreements already have degree plans and are exempt from this requirement.

Important Links in Academic Advising

Degree Planning Worksheets

Curriculum planning sheets are available throughout UMUC’s Asian Division.

Contact an Advisor

Guam, Diego Garcia & Marshall Islands Andersen AFB:
DSN (315) 366-7132
Int'l direct: +1 (671) 366-7132
DSN Fax: (315) 366-4785
Commercial fax: +1 (671) 366-4785

Naval Base Guam:
DSN (315) 339-2263
Int'l direct: +1 (671) 564-2304

Korea Yongsan Army Garrison:
DSN (315) 723-7105/7106
Int'l direct: +82 (0)2-7913-7105/7106
DSN Fax: (315) 723-4087
Commercial fax: +82 (0)2-797-8843

Osan AB:
DSN (315) 784-4330
DSN Fax: (315) 784-8099

Camp Casey:
DSN (315) 730-1809
Commercial within Korea: 031-869-1809
International Direct: +82 31-869-1809

Misawa (Japan), Australia, Singapore & Thailand DSN (315) 226-2896
Int'l direct: +81 176-77-8290
DSN Fax: (315) 226-8225
Commercial Fax: +81 3117-77-8225

Yokosuka & Camp Fuji (Japan) DSN (315) 241-4215
Int'l direct: +81-(0)468-96-4215
DSN Fax: (315) 243-8030
Commercial Fax: +81 468-16-8030

Atsugi NAF & Camp Zama Atsugi NAF (Monday — Thursday):
DSN (315) 264-2857
Int'l direct: +81-(0)467-63-3785

Camp Zama (Friday only):
DSN (315) 263-5379
Int'l direct: +81-(0)46-407-5379
DSN Fax: (315) 263-5462

Iwakuni, Sasebo & Yokota (Japan) DSN (315) 225-8922
Int'l direct: +81 (0)42-552-2510, ext 58922
DSN Fax: (315) 225-6631
Commercial Fax: +81 (0)42-552-2510, ext 56631

Okinawa Kadena:
DSN Fax: (315) 634-0236
Commercial within Okinawa: 098-961-0236
Int'l Direct: +81 (0)98-961-0236
Commercial Fax: +81 6117-34-3318

Camp Foster:
DSN: 645-5600
Commercial within Okinawa: 098-970-5600
Int'l Direct: +81 6117-45-5600

Japan Bridge Students +81-(0)98-959-0002

Bowie State Teacher Education Program on Okinawa

ATTN: Bowie Students, please consult with the Bowie State Education Office on Camp Foster for information on advising and official evaluation. DSN (315) 645-2559
+81 (0)98-970-2559

Initial Estimate of Transfer Credit

Prospective or newly admitted students can have a review of their potential transfer credit done on site by an Academic Advisor. This review is an estimate of the academic credit UMUC might accept toward a particular degree and of the requirements that would remain to be fulfilled. (Sources of credit are described on the Ways of Earning Credit page.) This review is not binding on either the student or UMUC and is subject to change.

Review of International Records

Students who are seeking a review of potential transfer credit from international postsecondary educational institutions need to

  • Be admitted and be seeking an undergraduate degree at UMUC.
  • Mail their official international transcripts to the international credit evaluation services selected by UMUC. (More information can be found on the International Credit Evaluation page.)
  • Pay fees associated with the international evaluation.
  • Have all official transcripts from any U.S. institution previously attended sent to UMUC.

Official Evaluation Process

Students who are enrolled in UMUC Asia courses, intend to complete a UMUC certificate or degree, and have no financial obligation to the University, are eligible for an Official Evaluation of their degree status by doing the following:

  • Arrange for transcripts from all previously attended colleges and universities, as well as documentation of all college-level examination and military background (CCAF, JST, and other military transcripts), to be sent directly from the issuing source to the UMUC administrative headquarters in Adelphi, Maryland.
  • Students with academic credit from institutions outside the U.S. must have their international credentials evaluated by an outside agency. See the International Credit Evaluation page.
  • Official evaluations can take up to 30 days once all transcripts have been received by the University.
  • You will be notified via email after the official evaluation has been completed. This email will also have basic instructions of where to access your degree plan online as well as link to a tutorial on how to read the audit. If you also require a SOC Agreement, then the email will include a copy of the SOC Agreement attached. (NOTE: For Active Duty Army, the SOC Agreement will be uploaded to the GAE System.)
  • Please contact your local Academic Advisor for assistance in starting the process to obtain an Official Evaluation.

Academic Advisement Report

To access information about degree progress, students need to submit official transcripts from all colleges and universities previously attended, including other institutions of the University System of Maryland, whether or not transfer credit is requested or granted. UMUC may deny transfer credit from any institution not listed on the application for admission. Sources of transfer credit not listed at the time of admission or approved by an advisor after admission cannot be applied toward the UMUC degree. An Academic Advisement Report:

  • Includes all transfer credits applicable to the degree program
  • Lists all courses completed at UMUC
  • Incorporates other types of academic credit
  • Remains in effect only while the student remains continuously enrolled.

In the Academic Advisement Report, a student's most recent courses are applied to requirements first. Courses that could apply to multiple requirements are assigned to the first relevant category in the following order: general education requirements, then requirements for the selected academic major and minor, and finally electives. Verification of other degree-wide requirements (such as minimum number of upper-level credits) follows and may affect the remaining credits needed for the degree. Students are responsible for submitting all pertinent academic documents (such as academic transcripts, confirmation of credit conferred by examination, or records of credit from military service schools) during their first session at UMUC.

Submission of Documents

Students who have earned credit at other colleges or universities are responsible for determining whether courses they plan to take at UMUC would duplicate any previously earned credit and for submitting all official transcripts from colleges and universities attended, as well as documentation of military and professional learning and pertinent test scores (e.g. CLEP, AP, etc.) -- regardless of whether they appear on a previous college transcript or not.

To be considered official, documents must be sent directly from the issuer to UMUC’s File Management Group. For full information and addresses for submitting documents to UMUC, check out the Submit your Transcripts to UMUC page.

Accessing the Academic Advisement Report, Tutorial & Guide

Review your Academic Advisement Report to determine your remaining requirements by logging on to MyUMUC and following the path to Student Portal > MyAdvising > View My Advisement Report.

A video tutorial and guide to reading the Academic Advisement Report is available by logging on to MyUMUC and clicking on the appropriate hyperlinks under “Guides and Tutorials.”

Changing Major/Minor or Adding a Degree Plan

To change your plan for a UMUC certificate or degree plan, please contact your local Academic Advisor for more information.