Tuition Rates and Fees

Tuition Rates and Fees

UMUC Asia Tuition Rates 2018-2019

Tuition Rates2018-2019
Undergraduate Courses$233.00/credit hour
Graduate Courses$310.00/credit hour

Effective for classes starting in Fall 2018.


Fee Type
Undergraduate Application

The application is a non-refundable fee for establishing your permanent record, the official university document from which transcripts are issued. Payment should be made through MyUMUC the first time the eApplication is completed.

GoArmyEd students, who complete a Common Application in the GoArmyEd portal, should pay the fee through MyUMUC before the course begins. This fee is not required if you are a consortium student unless you declare an intent to pursue a certificate or degree through UMUC Asia.

Graduate Application

The application is a non-refundable fee if you apply for a graduate program with UMUC Asia. The application fee must accompany the online application for graduate admission (eApplication) available through MyUMUC.

GoArmyEd students, who complete a Common Application in the GoArmyEd portal, should pay the fee through MyUMUC before the course begins.

Returned Check

Students will incur a charge for any check returned unpaid by a bank. A student who stops payment on a check for tuition is neither disenrolled nor relieved of responsibility for paying tuition and fees.

Examination to Establish Credit
Current Tuition Rate per Credit

This fee is charged for each credit that the student seeks to establish through UMUC course-challenge examinations and UMUC Asia foreign language examinations. The fee should accompany the application for examination.

Official Transcript

The fee for ordering an academic transcript issued by UMUC is $10, except those sent to an alliance school. More information on transcript fees can be found at: Outgoing Transcripts

Certificate/ Graduation Application

For each certificate and graduation application filed, students are assessed an application fee.

Cap and Gown

Each graduate who plans to attend commencement is responsible for purchasing their own cap and gown. 

Please visit this year's commencement page for more information on ordering.

Field Study
3 Credit-Hour Course + Fees

The tuition for a field study course is the same as any three credit-hour course. Additionally, a student may be charged a hotel accommodation fee depending on the specific course. Students who cancel the course after the registration deadline will be charged a $100 cancellation fee. The cancellation fee may be waived for those students who must cancel due to official, duty-related reasons.

UMUC Stateside and UMUC Europe Campus Fees and Activity

Charges incurred from UMUC Stateside or UMUC Europe campuses will be reflected on the student's financial account along with any UMUC Asia charges. The student may direct all financial account inquiries to the UMUC Asia Business Office only if they are officially listed as a UMUC Asia student at the time of registration.

Textbook Fees

Students may purchase UMUC Asia textbooks online. If textbook payments are not made by credit card via the online textbook ordering system, charges will be posted to the student financial account. If third party funds cover the cost of a textbook and an authorized tuition assistance form is submitted, UMUC Asia will invoice the paying organization. As with tuition charges, textbook charges are the responsibility of the student if financial assistance is denied by the organization or payment is not received by UMUC Asia in a reasonable period of time.

Grace Periods and Payment Deadlines for Overseas Registration and Residency

Payment of tuition* is due by the start date of each class (with no grace period).  
*Tuition is due for an Overseas Class or Tuition and Technology Fees, if applicable, for a Stateside Class.

If you do not have an approved Overseas Residency, your payment is due within 5 days of your registration.

All other charges, including Application and Diploma Fees, are due the same day as the charge is incurred.