If You Are Leaving Asia

If you're like most students, the coursework you have taken with UMUC represents a stepping stone in the process of continuing your formal education and developing your professional life. Here is some information we'd like you to know about your permanent records.

Requesting Your Transcript

If you transfer to another university or apply for a job, you will need to document your academic qualification. An official transcript may be just what you need. To make sure your transcript is ready when you need it, please remember the following: 

Before You Leave Asia

It is a good idea to review a copy of your unofficial transcript after you have finished taking courses with UMUC Asia, but before you depart. Review it carefully to ensure that the unofficial transcript matches your own records. If for any reason your records and the unofficial UMUC transcript do not agree (e.g., a grade change has not been received at the UMUC Asia headquarters and therefore does not appear on your unofficial transcript), there is still time to resolve discrepancies. Once you leave Asia, it is more difficult to do so. You may review your unofficial transcript in MyUMUC:

Academic Records > Transcripts

Permanent Location of Your Undergraduate Records

MyUMUC allows you to access your student records from anywhere in the world. If you are moving from one part of UMUC to another, please remember to submit a Relocation Request so that your student records and services are provided by the appropriate campus. You may submit a Relocation Request in MyUMUC

Requesting a Transcript

To request an official transcript, please go to MyUMUC:

Academic Records > Transcripts

If you need further assistance, please contact your local UMUC Program Coordinator. If a UMUC Program Coordinator is not available in your community, you may wish to reach the UMUC Asia Headquarters in Yokota, Japan, from Monday-Friday, 0800-1700 at +042-552-2510/11 ext 53680 or send an e-mail to saoutgoingtranscripts@umuc.edu.

Completing Your UMUC Degree After You Leave Asia

Completing minimum degree requirements through UMUC before you leave Asia can guarantee you the option of completing your degree almost anywhere you go. More than 20 percent of all recent degree recipients through UMUC Asia do this by transferring credit from other sources after leaving Asia.

All you have to do to finish your degree elsewhere is, before departing Asia:

  1. Secure an official evaluation.
  2. Satisfactorily complete minimum course requirements with UMUC.

For a UMUC 18 credit certificate, this means completing a minimum of 9 credits with UMUC.

For a UMUC associate's degree, this means completing a minimum of 15 credits with UMUC (with possible distribution requirements, depending upon the program).

For a UMUC bachelor's degree, it means completing a minimum of 30 credits with UMUC (with at least half of the credits earned for the major and at least half the credits earned for the minor and at least 15 upper-level credits). A UMUC academic advisor can tell you precisely where you stand in your chosen degree program.

Please remember that you must arrange for official transcripts to be sent from other schools directly to UMUC headquarters at one of the above addresses. Personal copies or copies of transcripts sent to you or any other source cannot be accepted.

Other Options After You Leave Asia

If you are degree seeking with UMUC and relocate to the Europe theater served by UMUC Europe or to the United States, served by UMUC in Adelphi, Maryland, you can take classes with UMUC at more than 85 locations. It's just as easy as signing up for classes at another education center served by UMUC Asia. Your UMUC records from Asia follow you to your new location. There, your official evaluation will be in force, and you can continue studying with UMUC.

If you relocate to an area where UMUC does not offer on-site classes, you can still complete your degree through online study. For more information about online opportunities with UMUC, contact:

Tel (800) 888-UMUC (Toll Free)
Local (301) 985-7000
Web http://www.umuc.edu/onlinelearning/about.shtml

For information about UMUC Europe, contact:

CIV +49-(0)631-534-800

DSN fax 315-225-8485
CIV fax +81-(0) 42-551-8305

E-mail sservices-europe@umuc.edu
Web www.ed.umuc.edu

APO Mail
UMUC Europe
Unit 29216
APO AE 09004

UMUC Europe
Hertelsbrunnenring 10
67657 Kaiserslautern

For information about UMUC Stateside Programs, contact:

University of Maryland University College
3501 University Boulevard East
Adelphi, MD 20742

CIV +1-(301) 985-7000
E-mail umucINFO@umuc.edu
Web www.umuc.edu/ugp