Information and Library Services

UMUC's Information and Library Services serves to educate students, faculty, and staff in the use of library and information services, emphasizing the critical importance of information literacy knowledge and skills for success in today's information rich world. The office also develops and manages extensive online library resources and user-centered services for UMUC students, faculty, and staff worldwide.

Library Resources

The UMUC Library provides access to a rich collection of research materials on a variety of topics (e.g. business, social science, science, arts and humanities, and computer and information systems). Students can access an extensive array of subscription research databases containing tens of thousands of full-text articles, as well as thousands of electronic books, through the UMUC Library home page or through the learning management system. UMUC Library OneSearch allows users to search for scholarly articles, books, and/or other research resources via a single search engine in most of the databases to which the UMUC Library subscribes, either directly or as additional resources. The UMUC Library has also created subject-specific resource guides to serve as a starting point for research. Each guide includes subject-relevant research databases, books, Web sites, and (where applicable) other Web 2.0 technologies.

Currently enrolled students in the continental United States also have borrowing privileges at the 16 University System of Maryland and affiliated institutions (USMAI) libraries. The library collections can be searched and books can be requested through the USMAI online catalog, available via the library home page. All UMUC students may use the DocumentExpress service to request that journal articles or book chapters not available online in full text be sent to them electronically.

At most military installations where UMUC Asia offers courses, the Army, Air Force, or Navy maintains a library, usually staffed by professional librarians. The combined holdings of the libraries, including several million books and audio-visual materials, are available to all UMUC students. Many libraries also have computers with Internet connections as well as computers which connect to a selection of research databases available from inside the library only.

While a growing number of full-text e-books, journals and other research sources are available through the electronic library, local installation libraries remain a valuable source of books and other research materials for papers and projects. Students and faculty are encouraged to visit the local base library and learn what resources and services are offered. Below are links to library Web or information sites for a number of base libraries in the area:





Library Instruction & Research Assistance

To help students gain the in-depth research skills needed to locate, evaluate, and use the rich research resources available to them, the UMUC Library offers library instruction, both in person and within the learning management system. This instruction serves to complement and reinforce skills and information provided in LIBS 150 Introduction to Research. Faculty members may contact the UMUC Library to request a library instruction session. In addition, students can obtain individualized research assistance by contacting the UMUC Library or by visiting the Peck Virtual Library Classroom (VLIB 101) within the learning management system, which serves as an additional free resource to help students improve their research skills.

Reference and research assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through the library Web page under Ask a Librarian. For a complete list of library services, students should visitthe UMUC Library online or call the UMUC Library at 240-684-2020 or 800-888-UMUC, ext. 2-2020, during regularly scheduled office hours.

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