Financial Aid Forms

The Financial Aid Office may request additional documentation from you to complete the financial aid application process. If requested, you must submit all documentation in a timely manner or your application processing could be delayed. 

Documents Available Through Your Student Portal 

Two documents are available for electronic submission through your MyUMUC student portal: 

  • Independent Verification Worksheet 
  • Scholarship Application 

Note: To access documents through your MyUMUC student portal, please take the following actions:

  • Click on Student Center > Finances > View Financial Aid
  • If you have met the criteria for a scholarship and have been notified via checklist, you will see the link to apply for scholarships after selecting the aid year.
  • Click on "To Do List" to see a listing of documents being requested by our office.

Submitting Forms/Documents

Below is a list of PDF forms that must be printed, filled out, signed, and sent to our office. Please pay close attention to the correct aid year when submitting these documents. 

You can submit documents directly to UMUC via a case using Upon visiting this website, please click on the Continue button located under the Open Case/Submit Document section.   

After you successfully submit your case containing your completed, signed, and dated document(s), please allow five to seven business days for receipt of this document to appear on your 'To-Do List' in the student portal.

2017-2018 Forms