MyUMUC Password Change Instructions

Technical Requirements:

  • You must be UMUC Asia faculty or staff.
  • You must know your current MyUMUC password
  • The below listed MyUMUC password requirements must be met


  1. Go to MyUMUC's Password Change page
  2. Enter your MyUMUC User Name with your current (or temporary) MyUMUC password and click OK
  3. Verify that the next screen appears like one of the two images below:

    UMUC Asia Password Manager

  4. Enter your current (or temporary) MyUMUC password for Old password
  5. Enter a new MyUMUC password under New password and again under Confirm new password.

    MyUMUC Password requirements:

    • a minimum of seven (7) characters in length
    • at least one upper case letter [A-Z]
    • at least one lower case letter [a-z]
    • at least one numeral [0-9]
    • may not contain part of your name
    • must be unique from your past 24 passwords (you cannot use the same password as before.)
    • cannot be changed twice in 24 hours (If an administrator helped you change your password today, come back this time tomorrow!)

    Some examples of acceptable passwords are: Spotted6, H3lloMom, Tuesday921, A1abama (the "1" is the number "1"), p6uZaz9X

    6. Once finished please click OK.  (Warning:Reset will clear the page and start over.) Your password should now be changed to the new password and the below message displayed.

    Successful Password Change

    If you do not get the password changed successfully message and instead get the one below, be sure you have met the password requirements as indicated above. Keep in mind that you will need to normally wait at least 24 hours before attempting to change the password if it was reset for you today. Call the UMUC Asia HelpDesk at DSN 225-2871 or Civ +81-3117-55-2871 or send an email to if you need further assistance.

    Failed Password Change