The 2012 Stanley J. Drazek & TRA Winners


Stanley J. Drazek Winners

Tom Ewing earned his first BS in Philosophy and second BS in Physics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He also holds a MS in astronomy from University of California, and a PhD in physics from Michigan State University. Dr. Ewing has taught at several different institutions, including: Michigan State University, Alma College, Central Michigan University, Lansing Community College, and Olympic College. He has experience in private business as the owner of a computer software company. He joined UMUC Asia in 1993 and has taught in Korea, Japan, and Singapore. He has also taught for UMUC Europe..

Woo-il Shim holds a BA in Korean language Education, an MA in Korean linguistics, both from Sangmyung University, and is currently completing a PhD dissertation in Korean Linguistics at Sungkyunkwan University. She holds Certificates in Korean language teaching and pedagogy and has taught in several universities in Korea, as well as a Korean Language School in Canada and for UNESCO in Korea. She has specialized professional experiences in teaching Korean language in a head start program for US soldiers, as a researcher at the Advanced Information Technology Research Center of Korea, and has published three books on the topic of linguistics and teaching Korean language to foreigners. Since joining the UMUC Asia faculty in 2000, Ms. Shim has been teaching at military installations all over South Korea. She has been nominated for the Drazek award several times and was selected for a Teaching Recognition Award in 2011.

Teaching Recognition Award Winners

Akira Furugen received his B.A. in mathematics from the University of California at San Diego, and his M.S., also in mathematics, from West Texas State University. He has taught at West Texas State University and Okinawa Kokusai University, and at the secondary level in both the United States and Okinawa. Mr. Furugen joined the Asian Division faculty in 1985 and has taught regularly since then at most of the Maryland sites in Okinawa, handling mathematics courses from introductory algebra through calculus.

Carmela Lupica holds a B.A. in history and psychology from Cleveland State University, an M.S. in Studies of the Future from the University of Houston at Clear Lake, and two additional M.S. degrees in information technology & information management from the International School of Information Management. An experienced faculty member with University of Maryland University College in the Maryland/Washington, D.C. area, Ms. Lupica transferred in 2002 to UMUC in Asia. She has distance education teaching experience both with UMUC and with the International School of Information Management in Denver, Colorado. Earlier she taught at the secondary level. Ms. Lupica She has professional experience in strategic planning, curriculum design, and training, and has operated her own consulting firm. She has taught in Okinawa and mainland Japan and currently teaches distance education.

Guy Moyer holds a B.A. in Russian and economics, an M.A. in teaching Russian, an M.A. in English, and a Ph.D. in English education, all from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In the late 1980s he served as head Russian linguist (Russian Language Facilitator) in a U.S. Army military intelligence unit in Germany and has experience teaching Russian at the secondary level. Since 1995 he has taught English at the college level--at the University of Illinois, for two years in UMUC's joint Russian-American program in Vladivostok, Russia. With UMUC Dr. Moyer has taught a variety of English courses including English composition, British literature, American literature, business writing, and creative writing. His article " 'Inner Secrets' in Conrad's Nostromo," published in the journal Conradiana, constitutes a significant discovery in the field of Joseph Conrad studies. Since 1999 he has taught at UMUC locations throughout Korea and currently teaches in Okinawa.

Stanley J. Drazek Teaching Excellence Award


Each year, UMUC recognizes the highest teaching accomplishments by bestowing the Stanley J. Drazek Teaching Excellence Award to outstanding faculty members in the United States, Asia, and Europe. The UMUC Teaching Recognition Award is also given to exceptional faculty with notable teaching achievements.

Students: Submit a Nomination Here!
Nomination deadline: 31 August for each year


The objectives of the Teaching Excellence Awards program of University of Maryland University College Asia (UMUC Asia) are:

  • To provide adult students a way to recognize and reward faculty excellence.
  • To recognize faculty members teaching undergraduate and graduate courses with UMUC Asia who consistently show exceptional skill in promoting student learning and providing a quality education to adult learners.
  • To emphasize UMUC Asia's commitment to high quality adult education.


To encourage teaching quality, UMUC Asia conducts an awards program to recognize faculty excellence. Each year the Stanley J. Drazek Teaching Excellence Awards will be given to two faculty members.

Nominations for teaching excellence awards are solicited each year from students enrolled in the current year undergraduate and graduate courses offered through UMUC Asia. Nominations are for courses taken by students during the current year and for faculty teaching during the current year. Nomination letters are sent to the Office of Faculty and Staff Development or submitted by students via their online student portal. Only letters or electronic postings from eligible individual students, not signed petitions, are considered valid nominations.

The cut-off date for nominations each year is 31 August. Nominations received after this date will be added to the pool of nominees for the following year. Faculty who are nominated are asked to submit two current course syllabi, a teaching data sheet giving information about their work with UMUC, a teaching philosophy statement, and a teaching portfolio.

In determining the Teaching Excellence Awards, the selection committee looks for evidence of effective, innovative teaching and evidence of commitment to UMUC (as manifested by work in ongoing discipline-based or institutional initiatives or programs).

The decision is made in March to determine award recipients. The committee reviews not only the teaching portfolios submitted by nominees, but also considers grade distributions, student course evaluations, reports of class visits, evidence of participation in institutional and community activities related to teaching and professional development, and the initial information submitted to the selection committee. The committee recommends two faculty members to receive the Stanley J. Drazek Teaching Excellence Award. The final choices are also carefully reviewed by the director of UMUC Asia.

For more information about the faculty awards program for UMUC Asia, please contact the Office of the Associate Dean at