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Adjunct Assistant Professor

Prof. Naz holds a MA from Northern Arizona University and a BA from the University of Guam.

Jeff Newbern
Collegiate Assistant Professor

Prof. Newbern earned his B.A. in psychology from Emory University in 1990 and his M.S. in biopsychology from the University of Georgia in 1992. In 2003, Prof. Newbern earned an M.A. in counseling and personnel services from the University of Maryland, College Park. He has several years of practical employment experience in psychology-related fields, including work as a senior behavior specialist in a developmental center for mentally/developmentally challenged clients. Prof. Newbern joined the UMUC Asian Division faculty full time in 1994 and taught in the Tokyo area, Okinawa, Sasebo, Misawa, and Iwakuni. In 2011, he transferred to the UMUC European Division and taught in Germany (Heidelberg, Wiesbaden, Ramstein, and Ansbach) and downrange in Northern Afghanistan and Bahrain. In 2012, Prof. Newbern was appointed to the director, Graduate Programs administrative position at UMUC Europe Headquarters in Kaiserslautern, Germany. In July 2017, he was appointed the Acting Assistant Vice Provost for Europe and in November of 2017 I assumed the role of Assistant Vice Provost for UMUC Asia. Prof. Newbern is currently in the process of completing his doctorate in management from UMUC.

Japanese Language
Adjunct Instructor
Prof. Nishikawa received his bachelor's degree in language and literature education from Waseda University in Tokyo. He has worked in special language programs for the city of Hachinohe, Japan, and is currently teaching in Hachinohe Technical High School in the same city. He has been teaching for UMUC at Misawa Air Base since 1986. Mr. Nishikawa has been recognized by the city of Hachinohe for his major contributions to cultural understanding and by Misawa Air Base commanders for building cultural bridges between the military and the local community. He has completed several seminars and workshops in language teaching.