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Adjunct Instructor

Prof. Daniela Da Silva holds a M.S. in Coastal Marine and Wetland Studies from Coastal Carolina University and the B.S. in biology from the Universidade Do Vale Do Paraiba. 

Business Management
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Prof. Dhanraj holds a Bachelor of Science in psychology from St. Martin's University, a Master in international relations from Troy University, a Ph.D. in organizational and management from Capella University. She is considered subject matter expert in topics such as Organizational Development, Organizational Behavior and Transformation, Human Resource Management, Healthcare Leadership, Distance Learning, and Organizational Leadership to name a few. She is dedicated to issues such poverty, entrepreneurship, environment, leadership, personal and business finance and women affairs and has written or presented globally on topics related to these issues. Currently, when she is not saving the world one x-ray at a time, she works as a researcher, an educator, and as the Director of Radiology. .