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Ordering Your Complimentary Transcript


To order your free transcript:

  1. Eligible students should request their complimentary transcript via the paper Transcript Request Form. Please use the paper form to request your complimentary transcript; if you submit the request through MyUMUC, you will be charged.
  2. Legibly complete the form but do not enter a method of payment. Instead, across the top of the form above the UMUC address write COMPLIMENTARY TRANSCRIPT.
  3. If you choose the RUSH delivery type there will be a postage/shipping fee associated with the request. The fee may vary depending on the destination of the parcel, i.e. domestic U.S. versus international.
  4. After the form is complete, submit it via mail, fax (see the form for address and fax number), or e-mail (

Ordering Subsequent Transcripts

If you have enrolled in courses with UMUC since the Fall 2008 term, you must log in to MyUMUC to request your transcript online (except for your one complimentary transcript; see above). Once you have entered the student portal, please follow these steps.

Once the payment has been accepted, the transcript request is complete.

Each official transcript ordered from any UMUC campus costs $10, except those sent to another Maryland public two- or four-year institution. Transcripts sent to another Maryland public two- or four-year institution will be issued free of charge. Rush transcripts cost $25. Overnight rush transcripts cost an additional $18.95.

Rush and overnight rush transcripts may only be requested using the paper Transcript Request Form. Please complete and submit the form via fax or mail using the information found on the form. This form may also be used to order free unofficial transcripts sent by fax, mail, or e-mail.

If you have not taken classes with UMUC at any time after July 2008, please use the Transcript Request Form. This form requires a free PDF reader, such as Adobe Acrobat. Print out this form and mail or fax it to us using the information provided on the form. This form should be used when ordering rush or overnight rush transcripts or if you do not have a student portal account in MyUMUC.

Please note that if you are not ordering your transcript via the MyUMUC student portal, your paper request will not be processed until payment is received. If you are paying with a check or money order, mail your payment with your request. If you prefer to fax the request, then you will need to pay via credit card by listing your credit card information on the form.

The degree will not appear on any transcript issued prior to the degree date even if all requirements have been completed.

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